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A percentage of all proceeds is donated to a children’s non-profit in the featured country.

Little Doebahyou?

Explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of Africa & the Diaspora  with our characters Grear (Gree'ah) & Guaye (Gweh'ā). Grear is a 9  year-old boy who loves soccer and history. Guaye is his 6 year-old  sister who loves to talk and tell stories. Together they make up our  "Diaspora Duo," eagerly learning about the world as they grow up in  Liberia on the Western Coast of Africa. 

As  Grear & Guaye learn about different cultures and countries in school  and everyday life, they are excited to share that knowledge with your  child through fun games, facts, and activities. 

Through  pen pal letters and journal prompts, Grear & Guaye will encourage  your child to explore the similarities and celebrate the differences  between Diaspora cultures around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Get a Little Doebahyou Box, and start your child on a fun, cultural exploration today! 

How It Works

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3. Explore the African Diaspora!

Enjoy hours of educational, safe and culturally relevant family friendly activities

What's inside the box?

When you order your first box, you will have the option to enroll in auto renewal. If you select this option, you only have to place your first order and then your box will be automatically delivered to you each month thereafter. You can cancel your auto renewal at anytime. 


The Gap

We’re bridging the gap between children of Africa & The Diaspora one subscription box at a time.

The Community

As the world becomes a more global community, working and connecting with people from different parts of the world is no longer an option — it’s necessity.

The Diaspora

Little Doebahyou is a subscription service that introduces children, ages 5-10, to the concept of a global community by providing a cultural experience in the form of an Africa & The Diaspora box. 

The Exploration

Our character's Grear & Guaye will take your child on a cultural exploration complete with fun facts, simple and authentic recipes, and cultural activities. Your  child will not only learn about the different countries within Africa & The Diaspora, but will learn about the cultures of Africa & The Diaspora that  influence the world.

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